From packing supply bundles to equipment rentals, our packing supplies division makes sure that you’re ready for a quick and easy move.

Whether you’re moving your belongings to a new location or moving them into storage, we help you make the transition easier with all the supplies you’ll need for the job.

Visit one of our three locations in London, Ontario to purchase the following packing supplies:

Cardboard Boxes

From 18” to 55” wide, we have cardboard boxes designed to hold a number of household items.

Small 18" x 15" x 12 1/2" Used for books, canned goods, small tools and more. $2.00
Medium 18" x 18" x 16" Used for books, canned goods, small tools and more. $2.50
Large 18" x 18" x 21" Used for pots and pans, toys, stereo, small lampshades and more. $3.00
X-Large 18" x 18" x 27" Used for toys, linens, towels, bulky items and more. $3.50
File Box 15 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 10 1/4" The Ultimate Records Box. Double wall corrugation for extra strength. Ideal for files or small heavier items. $4.00
Wardrobe Box 24" x 24" x 42" Used for clothing. Tall enough for long clothing items such as dresses or long coats. Used for permanent storage. $16.00
Mirror Box 37" x 27" x 4" Multiple boxes may be stacked for longer items. $5.00
Flatscreen TV Box Available in 37", 46" or 55" sizes. $12.50, $16.50, $21.00
Plastic Covers

Our durable plastic covers can protect everything from a picture frame to a king size mattress.

Plastic CoversSizePrice
Single (twin) Mattress Storage Bag39" x 9" x 88"$4.00
Double (full) Mattress Storage Bag54" x 9" x 88"$5.00
Queen Mattress Storage Bag60" x 11" x 94"$6.00
King Mattress Storage Bag70" x 19" x 96"$7.00
Arm Chair Storage Bag60" x 72"$5.00
Sofa Storage Bag60" x 136"$5.00
Wraps & Paper

Our durable wraps & paper can protect everything from a picture frame to a king size mattress.

Shrink Wrap450 metres x 16 microns thick$15.00
Handheld Shrink Wrap5" x 1000 ft$10.00
Bubble Wrap48” x 20’$10.00
Bubble Wrap48” x 50’$25.00
Packing Paper10 lbs$15.00
Packing Paper5 lbs$8.00
Packing Tape

We have the tape, tape dispensers and markers needed to effectively seal and label your belongings.

Clear Packing Tape - 66 metre roll$2.00
Fragile Tape$5.00
Tape Dispenser Double edge blade for longer life Static cling strip to hold tape Plastic cover for blade$12.00
Tape - 6 Pack$10.00
Equipment Rentals

Move with more speed and ease using one of our rental handcarts (also known as dollies), available to rent for only $10/day. Protect your belongings from getting scratched in the move with our blankets and floor runners, for sale at $25/ea. or for rent at $2/mo. minimum of five blankets.

Appliance TruckPrice
Appliance cart*$15 Per Day
Hand Cart$10 Per Day
Floor Runners$10 Per Day
Moving Blankets$2 Per Month or $25 To Buy

*If you're moving your washer and dryer from the basement, you need a special appliance cart with:
1. Roller bearing crawler treads for moving loads up and down stairs
2. Strap tightener with automatic recoil - a real time saver!
Use our appliance dolly to move laundry appliances and heavy kitchen appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. Moving a large appliance is so much easier when you have the right equipment!

Wondering how many boxes and how much tape you’ll need to move?

Not to worry. We’ve bundled all the packing essentials into kits that are tailored to the size of your home, saving you time and money! Ask a City Centre professional which pack is right for your needs.